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About Us

I have been residing in Hinton, Alberta since 2004. I have seen my community grow, both in population and economy. My new business is bringing a much-needed product to the Yellowhead County. This journey first started when I wanted to insulate my basement with spray foam insulation, only to find that the nearest company was in Edmonton, Alberta. I looked at this as unfair to a rural community and a new service I could supply. By introducing this new product, to West Central Alberta, one of my main goals is to educate my surrounding communities that spray foam is a superior insulation.

darwin-and-familyPolyurethane spray foam has been around since the 60’s. Its popularity has grown dramatically over the years, due to the increased efficiency to a structure. When my community can save money on their heating and electric bills and my company can offer the same rates as the city, without the travel costs, it’s a win-win situation.

Polyurea coatings is an industrial coating that not only provides a superior insulation to residential and industrial applications but can also help protect the integrity of steel structures, assist in maintaining temperatures within oil tanks and spill protection in secondary containment liners, to name a few. This coating can increase the effectiveness on the industrial business in the Yellowhead community.

Over the many years I have lived in Hinton, I have met a lot of community through coaching hockey and my businesses. One of my objectives, of my new business, will be to provide a reliable solution for the people of Yellowhead County.

Thank you,
Darwin Kowalchuk
Yellowhead Spray Foam and Coatings

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