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#1 Spray Foam Company in the Yellowhead County

We Specialize in Spray Foam and Coatings Solutions for Residential and Industrial Applications. Serving all of Yellowhead County, AB – Jasper, Hinton, and Edson.

Our industry-leading Spray Polyurethane Foam and Coating products can be applied to almost any surface or space. Whether in a residential, commercial, or industrial setting, we can insulate, strengthen, and protect your valuable property.

Why Spray Foam? Because It’s FAR Superior To Traditional Insulation!
Here are just some of the incredible benefits: yellowhead
Reduces energy consumption from 40-60%, saving you money each and every month!
Reduces and blocks moisture, condensation, and mold.
Adds strength to the building or structure.
Insulates sound and reduces unwanted noise.
Environmentally friendly – yes, spray foam is GREEN!
Class 1 fire rating ensures your family and business is protected.
Rodents and insects don’t eat it!
Provides complete air and vapor barrier.

Take your home into the future with spray foam insulation. Residential spray foam application has multiple benefits including: greatly increased energy efficiency, preventing moisture and mould build-up, and eliminating cold / hot spots.

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Commercial & Industiral

In a word: versatile. Our products are used in a range of commercial applications including oil field tanks, commercial roof systems, frac tanks, and portable water tanks. We do primary and secondary containment coatings, chemical resistant coatings, polyurea coatings, and more.

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The R Value Myth

R-value only measures how well insulation resists heat movement through the insulation material (called conductive heat flow). It doesn’t take into account how well the material stops heat movement from convection, carried in the air. Convection makes up of 80% of the heat lost in a structure.

At the Buildex conference in Edmonton, Alberta in March 2014, one of the main topics was nominal versus effective R-value. When traditional fiberglass has a nominal value of R20, you would think that this is the R-value you are putting in your walls, crawl spaces and attics. Unfortunately this is not true. R-value performance testing is done in a 70 F environment with no air movement. Ironically enough, when you need insulation the most you’re generally not in these ideal temperatures or conditions. This can result in the rated house insulation R-value being higher than the actual effective R-value. R-value means nothing without a true thermal air seal. Only spray-foam achieves this.

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