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Residential Spray Foam Applications

Simply put, there is NO better home insulating choice!

Lower monthly bills, better air quality, and less noise for a more comfortable home environment. Plus, Spray Foam is eco-friendly and will not sag or crack over time!

Why you should consider upgrading your insulation:

green-houseMany homes have dated or poor quality insulation and vapour barriers, which causes significant air and moisture infiltration. This results in lost energy, poor air quality, and potentially dangerous moulds & mildew. Spray foam insulation is designed to seal the entire “building envelope” – eliminating gaps, holes and cracks in the process. This superior seal stops air and moisture intrusion in its tracks, making homes more efficient, safer, and stronger.

A Spray Foam insulation system can reduce heat loss by 40%-60%, cutting your monthly energy bills substantially. Those incredible savings can pay for the cost of installation in just three to five years!

Common residential applications:
  • Walls – Interior and Exterior
  • Floors
  • Rim Joists
  • Basements
  • Attics
  • Crawlspaces
Advantages and benefits:
  • Superior foam insulation system reduces heat and does not allow air infiltration, resulting in a more efficient home with lower energy bills.
  • Liquid application means it can get into tight spaces that other insulation cannot.
  • Reduce unwanted noises from plumbing and other sounds for a quieter home.
  • Protect your family’s health by improving indoor air quality, keeping out airborne pollutants and allergens
  • Extremely long life cycle, our high quality foam insulation does not sag, split, or settle over time
  • Stands up to the elements – not damaged by flooding or water, and will not support or spread fire!
  • Eliminates all moisture infiltration making mould very unlikely; it also kills mould on contact
  • Adds structural strength to the house by up to 300%





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